What others say about the #1 Auctioneer Training Program in America... 

Below are some of the stories about the Missouri Auction School including CBS Sunday Morning, ABC Nightline, CNBC, TBS, CNN, Japan National Television and the Today Show.  (Remember: you can hear The Larry King Interview by signing up on the home page for the school information email.)

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CBS Sunday Morning with humorist Bill Geist

CBS Sunday Morning with Humorist Bill Geist.mp3

ABC Nightline 

ABC News Nightline.mp3

CNBC - First in Business Worldwide 


TBS Portrait of America with Hal Holbrook 

Portrait of America with Hal Holbrook.mp3


CNN Business News.mp3

Japan National Television 

Japanese National Television.mp3

The Today Show 

NBC Today Show.mp3

We hope you have enjoyed these programs.  We look forward to working with you at an upcoming session.































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